HealthLynk Coaching offers one-on-one coaching programs to help you change your life if you have been diagnosed with a metabolic health problem (type II diabetes, PCOS, prediabetes), are overweight, or both. You don’t have to live in ways being held back by your health or weight any longer. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Meeting Your Coach

You and I share the experience of navigating a health diagnosis or weight loss battle. Together we can actually change the course of these struggles for you. Learn how my experience and approach align with your life and goals.

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Metabolic Health Coaching

You no longer have to accept what so many refer to as “managing” type II diabetes, prediabetes, or PCOS, hoping the devastating consequences can be delayed. Together we can significantly improve and often even reverse these metabolic conditions.

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Weight Loss Coaching

Almost everyone who struggles with their weight has tried many ways to lose weight and improve their comfort and mobility. Together we will uncover strategies that actually work without suffering and you can create the body you have been wanting.

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You have likely found this resource today because you are struggling with the physical, emotional, and mental effects of your health and/or weight.

You may find yourself trudging through physical pain and not engaging in activities that feel unmanageable in light of this pain in your body. You may find yourself engaging in a daily battle with feeling constantly hungry, rarely satisfied, and pushed to defy logic due to food cravings. You may find yourself burdened by a growing list of pharmaceuticals prescribed to manage or blunt various symptoms or health problems. You may find yourself withdrawing or limiting your social interactions due to discomfort with your body, physical condition, or appearance.

If any of this sounds like you and you have type II diabetes (or any metabolic syndrome related concerns), are overweight and have tried unsuccessfully to lose and sustain the loss, or both--this can ALL change NOW.

So many of us are currently living our lives either without even realizing the limitations we have been accepting, or frustrated that we are aware of them but feel powerless to do anything to change them. But I know that this is very far from the truth. You have the ability and means to effect change in your health and/or weight goals. You can significantly reduce the health markers of the metabolic syndrome spectrum, and often completely reverse the diagnoses. You can lose excess weight and reach your body’s healthy weight, and actually sustain this!

The truth is that we have all been misled to believe that if we have been diagnosed with prediabetes, type II diabetes, etc., or have struggled with being overweight or obese that it is our fault, due to lack of willpower, or just in our genes. None of this is true.

My belief is that you found this resource today because you are READY. You are ready to stop living a life limited by the physical, emotional, mental effects of having a metabolic condition or being overweight. You are ready to know how to take back your health, reduce or eliminate your reliance on medications, feel good in your body, and live the life you want to live.