Why I am Coaching

My personal experience of a life-long struggle with being overweight (labeled as morbidly obese at certain points in time) and diagnosis of type II diabetes have made me all too aware of how much these factors can interfere with everyday life, how you feel about yourself, and what you see as your future. Finally finding answers that have allowed me to completely reverse my diagnosis of type II diabetes and to achieve a healthy body weight where I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin, inspired me to wanting use this knowledge and experience to help others achieve the same.

The past 14 years I have spent working with clients as a psychologist have been both extremely rewarding and challenging. I love seeing the positive growth and change clients achieve through our work together; yet too often I have felt limited in my role as therapist to focus specifically on the health and dietary approaches that could help many people feel better and live more optimally. No longer willing to be limited in my work with clients who need education, emotional support, and practical logistics about changing their health and losing weight, I have transitioned into health coaching. Here I can truly help people by addressing the knowledge they need, processing their problematic relationships with food, and sharing with them practical ways to implement life changes in their journey to Health Like You Never Knew.


Why Coaching Can Work for You

Coaching is a personal, collaborative relationship. Together we will assess what challenges you are having that have been preventing you from better health and/or weight. I will teach you the physiological information you need to know about what truly causes and worsens metabolic concerns like type II diabetes and PCOS, as well as why we gain weight and have been unable to successfully lose it and maintain this loss with the conventional “diet wisdom.” We will explore our kitchens and what foods to incorporate in your health and weight journey, and which foods to eliminate or reduce. You will have access to resources for any self-reading you want to do (including hundreds of easy recipes I have been collecting!). And importantly, beyond talking about the physiology and food information you need to know to succeed, we will spend much of our time together discussing the emotional and mental process of changing your life around food and your body. We will honor your emotional struggles and focus on replacing old problematic messaging with healthier ones that nurture and sustain you in your new, increasingly healthy body.

Health Coaching

And to be clear… my approach to eliminating or improving your metabolic diagnosis or losing 20 to 150+ pounds of body fat DOES NOT require feeling hungry, spending hours in a gym, drinking meal replacement shakes, or eating food that you don’t like.

I firmly believe that in order to achieve your goals and to sustain these major health/weight accomplishments, what you learn in working together has to be a lifelong approach. You will learn to feel good in your body (reduced pain, discomfort, brain, fog), enjoy your daily lifestyle (eat food you actually enjoy), and have confidence in how to navigate the world in your new body and lifestyle (travel, fitness, social engagements, etc.). There really will be no reason to fail or feel deprived if you are willing to work with me in changing your way of eating, taking care of your body, and your mindset.

Are you excited about this process and having help along every step?Great! Let’s connect and set up your free Coaching Discovery Call…